Monday, August 18, 2008

Not Feelin' It

So, there have always been times where certain records that I obtained didn't really grab me, and I'm going to post a few of those tonight under the heading of "Not Feelin' It."


Man, do I love the first record by these guys, "Hillside".  Fantastic record.  "Bahama" is their second full-length, and it has a similar vibe to the first one, but I'm not sure the songwriting is as strong.  I'm going to give it another shot, maybe here in a few more weeks when I'm ready for something more chilled out.  Too ready to rock right now.

The Roots-Rising Down

I must not really be in a hip-hop space at the moment, or a "new" hip-hop space.  I'm rocking all the classic stuff that I really love like there's no tomorrow, but I don't have the patience to get to know a new hip-hop record right now.  I liked the last Roots record ("Game Theory") quite a bit, and this one feels similar in many ways, but I'm just not in the right space for it.  Off the iPod it goes for now.

My Morning Jacket-Evil Urges

Okay, so I haven't bought this one.  I haven't bought it because I've heard it enough times in the store where I work (though only for 10 more days) to know that I just don't want it.  How could they have gone so wrong after such a great record like "Z"?  "Z" had it all--great hooks, great songs, diverse feel, and it was seriously rockin', all without sacrificing a bit of integrity.  This, on the other hand, throws integrity out the window.  I don't really understand what they were thinking.  Not feelin' it.  Not at all.

I'll try and get to a record report where I have something positive to say some time soon.  I'm also preparing a two part blog on the subject of my iPod and its positives and negatives.  We shall see if I can get it together.

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