Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 Random Facts About Me and Music

Okay, so I was "tagged" by my friend Miss Scarlett (www.thoughtsgoalsandnonsense.blogspot.com) to do a "7 random facts about me" post, but this is a music blog so I'm doing 7 random facts about me and music.

1. To my knowledge, the first record I ever heard was the song "Frog Kissin'" by Chet Atkins. I only know this second hand from my parents. The record WORE OUT before I was old enough to have any recollection of it. I apparently used to ask to hear it incessantly in my 2 year old language by saying, "Play frogsin."
2. Technically, the first record I ever owned was The Beatles Yellow Submarine soundtrack. A birthday gift from a neighborhood friend when I was in kindergarten.
3. Synchronistically enough, the first real concert I ever attended was Paul McCartney at RFK Stadium on July 4, 1990. I was 15, and it was awesome. Our seats weren't very good...We could just barely see Paul, but it was truly unforgettable. I remember before he played "Birthday" he said: "Hey America! It's your birthday!"
4. I really, REALLY don't like the song "Time of the Season" by the Zombies.
5. Circa 1985-86, I probably would have told you that Starship was my favorite band.
6. I don't really enjoy vocal jazz. In fact, most of the things I like that might be called "jazz" are quite noisy and unpleasant to most people. Especially lately.
7. Explicit or controversial lyrical content almost NEVER offends me. Being "offended" by such things is really a waste of time and energy. It results in bitterness, fear, and an inability to enjoy the other merits of a given song or composition. "Catholic Girls" by Frank Zappa might be offensive to you lyrically, but that song is the JAM. Listen to the break in the middle and tell me it doesn't make you convulse with joy.

Okay. Random indeed. Maybe not particularly interesting. I guess I'll tag OkayCityNate, but there's sooo not any pressure from me to carry on with this. I hope to have another more substantial entry up soon, hopefully about the new iTunes Genius feature. I'll be interested to hear what all of you have to say about it, if you've played with it. Later.


Miss Scarlett said...

thank you, and I thought it was quite interesting, and pertinent.

Just for shits and giggles, the first cassette tape I ever bought was...drum roll please...Ace of Base, I Saw the Sign. (scary!)

The first CD I bought = No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom.

First music I really remember was "Bullfrogs and Butterflys" I believe it was cute and churchy, if Im not mistaken.

Mixtape Jones said...

Oh, I know all about "Bullfrogs and Butterflys"..."Good morning, good morning, good morning..." Fond memories of the drive to Santa Fe, I tell you what.