Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fell Off The Wagon/The Mixtape Jones Radio Hour on JiveWired

Fell off the wagon on the NaBloPoMo tip yesterday. It was a big day, what with the first of 2 K.C. Clifford release concerts and all. It was soooo great, though...I wish so much that we could take this band we've assembled all around the country to play for all of you, because they're absolutely fantastic. Of course, I wish that I could bring Dr. Pants all across the country to play for you as well, because they are also fantastic. Everybody just go buy a shitload of CDs and give them to your friends so we can afford to tour these bands, okay?

Meanwhile, the music of this weekend, K.C.'s music in its fantastic, full-band form, infects me, as well as the music of Ben Bedford (& his lovely wife Kari Abate-Bedford) & 3 Penny Acre (our opening acts, last night & tonight, respectively). I find it hard to think about any other music. I AM really excited about something that's coming up, though, and I want to share that with you right now.

A few of you may be aware of a music/social networking site called Dr. Pants has a page there, and SonicJive has been very good to us. As I'm sure Mike (the owner/founder) would tell you, though, SonicJive in its current incarnation doesn't really do doesn't meet the needs of the indie musician in 2010 in the way that I, or Mike, or many other musicians might want it to. So, Mike has been revamping the site for an imminent relaunch under the name I, for one, am really stoked about it. It will have all sorts of new and amazing tools for the indie musician, including EPKs (Dr. Pants is going to be an EPK guinea pig, and I'll be writing about that process tomorrow or the next day). They also will have their own radio/podcast network, and I, David/Mixtape Jones, will have a show (!!!). I am so thrilled, guys. I have been frustrated with the limitations of my show for a while now (mostly the fact that I have to do it live, and therefore it's really difficult to keep a consistent, scheduled show, but also the limitations of Blip and their online library), and can't wait to be free of some of those constraints. I may do shows on Blip occasionally after this (because it's fun to just spontaneously Blip stuff, to kind of "cross-promote" my JiveWired show and to continue to promote Dr. Pants), but the JiveWired show will be an honest-to-God, weekly show that will happen until they find some reason to throw me off the air (not that I plan on giving them any). At this point I plan on my show being a rock show that leans towards the indie side (whatever that means these days...I am gonna try and play good, cool stuff consistently, both new and old), but I may also dip into the folk/acoustic arena some, since I have such a significant foothold in that world through working with K.C. We shall see. This blog will most likely relocate to a JiveWired-powered blog page as well, but you should still be able to follow/subscribe to it in all the usual ways. I'll keep you posted on all of these developments as they continue.

I can't explain how stoked I am. I have high hopes for, and I hope many of you will come join me in helping it have a successful birth into the world. Meanwhile, if you're in OKC, and you don't have a ticket for the K.C. Clifford show tonight...better get one quick. We were turning people away by 7:45 last night and it was standing room only.


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