Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unsure Of How To Approach This

This may sound like the dumbest statement ever, but I'm really not sure how to blog about music in the middle of a music conference. It seems counter-intuitive. It feels like it would somehow damage my ability to "take it all in". I want to process everything that's going on before I write about it. I may not even end up writing about much of it in the end, either, because I'm here primarily to help K.C. promote her music, and not to really be a blogger/media person. I hope that someday I get to come to one of these conferences strictly in that capacity...and I have a feeling I probably will. I won't say any more about that, for risk of sounding presumptuous and full of myself (or perhaps full of someone else). I do think that if I were here solely as "media" I might feel better prepared to engage it in such a manner.

More later.

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