Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Gonna Be On Sound Opinions This Weekend.

No kidding, seriously. I sent in an email for their Valentine's show. Then I got an email back that asked if I wanted to talk to Jim & Greg on the air. Then I sent an email to them that said, "Yes." Then they called me and I told them about my favorite song for "setting the mood" on Valentine's Day. Then I got an email today telling me they were going to use my call on the show.

I have to admit, I was REALLY nervous when I talked to them. As off-base, shortsighted and cantankerous as I think they can both be sometimes, I kind of look up to these guys. They are of my ilk on some level, and I was actually humbled by how nice they were to me on the phone. To make my nerves worse, when I got on the phone with them, I was on a cordless phone, it was staticky and I had to change phones (and tell my story all over again). I walked into the kitchen to get on the hardwired phone and immediately knocked a bag of groceries off the counter, which prompted Jim DeRogatis to ask, "We're not tearing apart your kitchen, are we?" He DID ask me about whether I lived anywhere near Wayne Coyne, though, and I could happily say that I lived quite close to him.

Listen to the show, whether on your local affiliate or through podcast. I'm David from Oklahoma City. That's how you'll know it's me.

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